Each client is provided with a dedicated collection team that includes a super-visor, account representative, collection/skip personnel and clerical support.

The size of the team varies with the size of the placement. Subsequently, we can assure you that anyone dealing with your debtors knows your billing and collection procedures.

This approach allows for a greater understanding of the debtor’s questions and a more efficient response from us in collecting your debts.

Services We Offer

We maintain an integrated system of debtor contact and account management for commercial consumer, healthcare and public sector debts, including:

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We conduct business primarily in English. However, we may employ foreign language speakers from time to time and may, at the request of a consumer, accommodate verbal communication in a foreign language when available. We do not offer translation services and do not offer translations of communications.

A translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the New York City Department of Consumer Affair’s website,